Chris Bray Photography

Photography tips with Chris Bray

  • BY AG Staff |
  • August 14, 2009

We asked award-winning adventurer and AG photographer Chris Bray for his best advice from behind the lens.

Chris Bray, recipient of Australian Geographic Society's Spirit of Adventure award, is no stranger to new things. He's been to destinations we can only dream of, and usually with a camera in hand.

Alongside the odd adventure, Chris has turned his hand to teaching photography, at acclaimed workshops around Australia.

We thought we'd celebrate Chris's photographic knowledge by asking him to impart some of his wisdom for our snap-happy readers. Chris kindly included some of his own art to demonstrate.

Take a lesson from Chris Bray's top photography tips!

Chris Bray runs 1 day photography courses around Australia and photo tours around the world. Check out for details.

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