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How to apply for AG Society Sponsorship

  • November 19, 2013

Each calendar year the Australian Geographic Society donates generously to scientific, conservation and adventure projects.

Each calendar year the Australian Geographic Society donates generously to maintain its programme of sponsorship of Australian adventurers, scientific and environmental research, and community projects. Over the years it has spent much time and effort supporting Australian endeavour in all these fields.

Australian scientists, community organisations and individuals developing projects in Australia and abroad are welcome to apply for Society sponsorship.

Applications are taken throughout the year for the sponsorship rounds.

In 2017, the Society will hold two Sponsorship Rounds, with the same overall amount of funding available as in 2016.

Round 1, 2017 
Closing date: 30 April 2017

Round 2, 2016 
Closing date: 30 November 2017

Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship news: in 2017 we are giving away $10,000.
Applications for the NBW sponsorship open on 16 October each year, to commemorate Nancy's birthday. The annual funding of $5000 is awarded to an Australian woman planning to undertake an adventurous pursuit. The recipient of the sponsorship will be chosen by a panel made up of female adventurers, members of Nancy Bird Walton's family and representatives of the Australian Geographic Society. All Australian female adventurers are eligible to apply for this grant. Last year we didn’t award the $5000 sponsorship owing to a lack of what we considered to be truly epic adventures in the mix of applications. As a result, in 2017 we are awarding $10,000. If you know of any women considering a big adventure in the next year, please let them know about this substantial award.
Applications close on 31 January 2017.

The North Face Adventure Grant
The North Face, AG Outdoor and the AG Society have teamed up to help turn your next adventure or expedition dreams into a reality. With a $5000 grant from The North Face, along with $2000 worth of The North Face gear, plus a $3000 AG Society Grant and an exclusive story on your trip in AG Outdoor, you'll not only be equipped with the world's most technically innovative apparel and equipment, you will be able to get your dream expedition off the ground. Applications are open each year for this grant.
See The North Face website for information on how to apply and closing dates.

Sponsorship Types

There are three types of sponsorships available through the Australian Geographic Society:

Project Sponsorships (up to $10,000 in four categories, science, environment, adventure, community)

Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship for Female Adventurers (one grant of $5000) 

The North Face Adventure grant – closes 31 December – see The North Face website

The total amount of funds allocated in each funding round for Project Sponsorships will be a maximum of $30,000. The total amount of funds distributed may be less than this. The number of projects sponsored in each category is dependent upon the amount sought by each applicant.

Please note we are no longer accepting applications from PhD students, however a supervisor or other university professional may apply for sponsorship.

How do I apply?


1. To determine your eligibility, or for information on which grant to apply for, please
download the sponsorship guidelines

2. Download the correct application form:
Download Project Sponsorship Application Form
Download Nancy Bird Walton Application Form

3. Please forward your application in a single attachment to (We do not need a hard copy of your application.)

4. Make sure your application is under 10MB otherwise your email will bounce back.

5. Please indicate in your email which round you are applying for (Round 1 or 2).

6. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address your application was sent from.

7. You will receive an answer to your application usually within two months of the closing date.

8. To keep up to date with funding opportunities and AG Society activities please like us on Facebook.

For more information regarding sponsorship applications please contact the AG Society Administrator or (02) 9263 9825