Jetty at Shorncliffe, Queensland by David Anderson

Best panoramic photos of 2012

  • BY AG staff |
  • May 28, 2012

These are a selection of the best images from the 2012 Epson International Pano Awards for panoramic photographs.

PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE A SPECIAL kind of appeal to them. Their extended length gives them a unique perspective compared to other images.

With the increase in digital SLRs, and even the improving quality of compact cameras, has come greater interest in photo-stitching (putting multiple images together to form a panoramic scene).

The Epson International Pano contest, which started in 2010, is testament to the interest in panoramic photos.

With thousands of high-quality entries, it's easy to see how many beautiful images have made the finals.

See for yourself how truly spectacular these images are:

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