The campaign to stop the Gordon-below-Franklin dam culminated in a blockade, attracting thousands of protesters over its three-month staging. Image Credit: Courtesy Wilderness Society

Fighting for the Franklin: archive footage

  • May 01, 2014

SEVEN YEARS OF campaigning to save the Franklin River from a similar fate to that of Lake Pedder culminated in the 1982 -blockade at Warner's Landing, in which 1300 people were arrested.

Domestic and international focus on the campaign grew as popular celebrities including Sir Yehudi Menuhin, -Barry Humphries, Eartha Kitt, Claudio and Lesley Alcorso, and -David Bellamy (his arrest created headlines in London) backed the river's rescue.

More positive headlines were created when founder of Australian Geographic Dick Smith arrived in his helicopter and helped set up the remote blockade's radio communications.

This is some of the archive footage of those events.